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Our goal is to deliver a quality website design that represents  your mission 100%. 
Please complete our survey below so we can better service your needs. 

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us directly.
Please check all pages and web elements you would like to include on your web site
1. Do you currently have a company logo that you want to include in your web site?
If yes, do you have your logo/image available in digital format (Jpg, GIF, TIF,PSD, EPS)?
If no, would you like us to create a logo for you? (Logo Design Services)
2. Do you have photos that you want to include on your website?
If yes, do you have your photos available in digital format (JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, EPS)?
3. What colors do you prefer?  Warm colors (Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Brown).  Cool Colors (Blue, Green, Purple, Black)?  Earth Tones, Neutrals (Whitle Beige).  Best describe in word your color scheme/ideas for your web site. 
4. Describe the purpose of your website?  Are you looking to promote your business online?  Do you intend to use the website as a personal online resume?   Are you providing informative content to a particular market/industry?  Do you want to sell products & services via online store?  What do you expect from your website?
5. Who is your target audience/market? Do you have a current clientele or new clientele?  What type of clients do you want to attract? 
6. Do you need a corporate image style website?  Are you looking for a fun, playful, bright and coloful design.  What image do you want to project? (Bold, Professional, Unique, Original)
8. Do you currently have a domain name ( for your web site? 
Please list any domains you may already own below (separate with commas).
9. Do you currently have a web hosting service provider?
If yes, please provide current web hosting provider information?
10. CNY Smart Sites design services include hosting. Do you want CNY Pages to host your web site?
11. List any other web sites that are appealing to your tastes.  This information will help us to deliver the web site design that represents your vision. Separate with commas:
12. Do you currently have the content/text of your web site written and available in electronic fomat(WORD Doc)?  If the content is not ready it will delay the delivery time. 
13. How often will your website require updates? 
7. Please list some of your competitor's websites, separated by commas:
Please list any other pages and/or web elements not listed here that you may want to include in your site
(separate with commas):
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The content hasn't been created yet.
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